February 28, 2024

If Mr. DeSantis has a stronger-than-expected showing on Monday night, his operation will credit the large organizing effort that has been spearheaded by his super PAC, Never Back Down, which has been knocking on doors aggressively since the summer.

The super PAC said that, across the country, it knocked on its millionth door in July, its two-millionth door in September and its three-millionth door in recent days. Never Back Down marked the three million number by having Casey DeSantis, the governor’s wife, knock on that door while a local Iowa television news crew filmed her.

That timeline is inadvertently telling: The super PAC actually knocked on more doors over the summer than it has in the past 100 days.

Much of the focus has been on Iowa, where the super PAC says more than 935,000 doors have been knocked on in all, for a caucus that has seen only a fraction of that participation in the past.

Will Rogers, a former chairman of the Polk County Republican Party, the state’s largest party, said that he had recently received his sixth door-knocking visit from Never Back Down, which he said had hired and trained the best door-to-door canvassers.