February 21, 2024

Last week, singer Kailash Kher collaborated with spiritual author and singer AiR: Atman In Ravi for a podcast on ‘Spirituality and Music’ and this, the singer tells us, was a great beginning to his new year. “Atman in Ravi or AiR or pran vayu as I call him, is a maha vibhuti, who is a part of my life, and we have joined together for this special reason. We both have the same lakshya in life. Jo jaagta hai, wahi jagaata hai. Sangeet aur aadhyatma will come together in this podcast that we are doing together,” says the Teri Deewani singer.

This new year holds a lot of work for Kailash Kher and he is excited about the special project ‘Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash’. He says, “Kailasa Entertainment Private Limited will be producing this special reality show. Our folk sangeet was getting lost in the last few years. Humare sangeet ka vikrit roop banakar aage badhaya, so people have forgotten what folk music is, what lok geet and folk instruments are. Kaddu pakne pe tumba (a stringed instrument) banta hai, and so in the earlier days, the instrument you would be playing used to be grown in your own backyard.

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“But, of late, all that got lost, and with the show Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash, we are planning to bring it all back. Sanskriti pe bhi dhyan dena hai (We need to focus on our culture, too). We are coming up with a reality show which will have talents from 28 states and eight Union Territories. And it will be a fabulous, virat (massive) stage. This will also be a first in India. The reality shows that we have had earlier have all been franchises of foreign shows, just that India’s name has been added to them now. Our show, titled Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash, in which jisme Bharat, Bharatiya sampadaon se apni shakti ko pehchanega. Now one will know how rich our culture is.” The panel of judges for this show has names like Sneha Khanwalkar, Debojit Saha, and Gayatri Asokan and it will have Kailash Kher as the Mahaguru, who will guide and mentor the contestants.

Apart from the collaborations and the reality show, Kailash is also going back to his love of pure music with new songs in a big way. Last month, with the release of his single O Dil Jaani, a fine blend of his powerful vocal prowess and soulful music, the Kailasa Band made its presence felt once again after a long gap. “In 2024, Kailasa, my band, is back to making albums after almost seven years. Our latest track O Dil Jaani has already had millions of views and the reactions we are getting for it are also great. And this year we are also taking up another new path. We have recently started our own academy, Kailash Kher Academy for Learning Arts (KKALA). We have likened KKALA to a dham. Dham is the ultimate destination for every seeker,” he says.