February 28, 2024

The Moneycontrol CEO Survey, which took into account the views of more than 50 top executives on various economic indicators, found that a bulk of them are optimistic about the country’s business sentiment. The survey also revealed that 53 percent of them believe that India is poised to emerge as an alternative to China in terms of manufacturing.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the MC CEO Survey. 102176013

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What is the CEO Survey by Moneycontrol about?

The Moneycontrol CEO Survey takes the pulse of the corporate sector on the Indian economy. It tries to understand, through precise and simple questions, what Indian companies’ views are about the current economic situation and prospects. By getting responses from a sufficiently large number of companies, the survey looks to paint a picture of the economy as a whole.

Who participates in the Moneycontrol CEO Survey?

The participants are the key decision-makers of companies. Chief executive officers, managing directors, chairpersons – the designations may differ, but they are the persons who decide what happens next for their respective companies. In this year’s survey, Moneycontrol received responses from more than 50 top business leaders.

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What are the key findings of the CEO Survey?

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The key finding of the survey is that almost all business leaders are rather optimistic about the Indian economy’s current state and its prospects. Most of them do not see any major domestic worries on the horizon, although they are keeping an eye on global developments. With order books having increased over the last couple of years, a large majority of the surveyed CEOs plan to invest in the next six months even though they expect inflation and interest rates to stay at current levels. For more details on the findings, check out Moneycontrol’s exhaustive reportage on the survey’s results.

What industries are covered in the CEO Survey?

The survey covers a variety of sectors, including financial services, technology, fintech, business outsourcing, online platforms, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, pharma, energy, and infrastructure.

How often is the Moneycontrol CEO Survey conducted?

The Moneycontrol CEO Survey is conducted annually.